Did you know?

  • Antique clocks were produced with only hour hands until around 1820.
  • Full services of sterling silver flatware were first seen in America in the 1870’s.
  • Tiffany & Co., produced silver in Japanese, Indian and Moorish styles and after 1880 in the art nouveau style.
  • The English used table napkins as long ago as 1675.
  • Andre Charles Boulle was the leading cabinetmaker of the Louix XIV era and a celebrated member of a distinguished family of ebenistes. He used brass, tortoise shell and ebony to decorate his case pieces. 
  • In English ceramics the name “Vicar and Moses” is given to a pottery figure group first made around 1770 by Ralph Woods of Burslem, Staffordshire.  The group portrays a parson asleep in the pulpit with his good friend and parish clerk Moses delivering the sermon!
  • The Grand Tour in the 1720’s consisted of Athens, Rome, Paris and London. Rather like some of our group tours today! 
  • Wooden movements were generally used in early American shelf clocks until around 1820.
  • It is said the first silver forks originated in Italy.
  • Reproduction ceramics, glassware and furniture are being made today in various countries throughout the world. 


About askbeverly

Who am I? I am an individual who values the contents of people's homes for a variety of reasons. I'm called a "personal property appraiser" and certified by the International Society of Appraisers which requires educational courses, examinations, keeping up with current tax laws and every two years taking a course called the Uniform Standards of Personal Property Appraisals. Every five years, I am required to keep up my ISA certification by proving I have a minimum of 100 personal property development credits - that's course hours and actual research time spend on appraisal work. As a long time collector I have turned a hobby into a profession and for the last 22 years worked as an independent appraiser. My specialties include china, pottery, sterling silver, crystal and glassware, costume jewelry, Carnival Glass, Belleek Irish porcelain, collectibles and furniture. Why do you need an appraisal? The purpose of an appraisal may be for obtaining insurance, probate of an estate, equitable division of an estate or divorce, or a damage claim. I also give lectures on several different topics to antique clubs, provide consultations in person, by phone and through email. No my service is not free! But I will also advise you if I believe it is in your best interest to do research on your own if you just want an idea of what something is worth rather than pay for an appraisal.

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