Checked your insurance policy lately for coverage of your antiques?

As an appraiser I tend to take care of other’s peoples needs far more than my own. My latest homeowner’s insurance policy caused me to take a second look at the coverage for my antiques. Yes, I do have them including some furniture, lots of carnival glass, Belleek porcelain, blue transferware plates, china, depression glass, etc. I also have some nice jewelry my husband of 48 years has given me. I called the agent and discovered I only have $1000.00 coverage on my antiques and $1000.00 on my jewelry! She then informed me I needed an appraisal! Well guess what I am an appraiser and now I have to have someone come appraise my property. So don’t think because you have household contents coverage your antiques are all covered under the contents. Check with your agent and call a certified appraiser to appraise for insurance replacement cost of your property. To further protect yourself inventory the items, photograph them and give a copy to a trusted friend on put on a flash drive in a safe deposit box. In case of loss it will jog your memory.


About askbeverly

I am a personal property appraiser. China, silver, costume jewelry, Belleek Irish porcelain, Carnival glass, collectibles and furniture are some of the items I appraise as well as household contents and antiques. Appraisals are used for insurance, probate, divorce, damage claims, and equitable distribution.

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