Carnival Glass Conventions

Have you ever considered collecting carnival glass.  This wonderful glass was made in the early 1900’s and reproduced in the 1970’s.  The early glass has a coloring and patina of its own.  As a collector, I have learned to recognize the “old” verses the new glass by the coloration and feel of the glass. And as a collector, I’m always interested in collections coming on the market at auctions.  In my opinion, he best collections are those offered at carnival glass conventions by long time collectors who are selling their entire collections although I’m sure they still have a piece or two at home.

I received the Jim Wroda Auctions catalog yesterday with photos of the glass offered at the ACGA 2015 Carnival Glass Convention auction June 19 and 20.  The brochure left me wanting to catch a plane to Ohio.  Visit their website for a complete auction listing. I especially liked the Hobstar Pickle Caster with frame. A truly rare piece.

The International Carnival Glass Association convention is in St. Louis, Missouri July 15-18, 2015.  This also promises to be a fantastic convention.  The theme of this years displays is Decorated Carnival with hand-painted decorated pieces on display.  For more information on this convention visit

And now one of my favorite pieces from my collection – Dugan paneled cherry peach opalescent bowl with jeweled heart pattern exterior.2015 05 22_1578


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2 responses to “Carnival Glass Conventions

  1. Janet brown

    I have a lot of carnival glass that was left to me I would like to sell I took pictures and boxed it up where could I go to sell it

    • Thanks for asking. Where are you located? Carnival glass sells at auctions, on-line and to individuals. If you have photos and could send them to me at I would have a better idea of your best options. Carnival glass typically sells better in the mid-west so without more information I can’t really tell you where to sell it. I buy, know collectors and good carnival glass auctions I can recommend. How many pieces to you have? Condition and rarity affect selling price.

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