Memorial Day

This is a memorial Memorial Day as many of us our still limiting our contact with other people although some of us have returned to work wearing masks, observing distancing and hand washing to the point the lotion companies will be in business for quite a while.

I received the following today and felt it definitely worthy of sharing.  If we ever needed to be united as a country under God it is now.  My thanks to Lois Russell who gave me permission to share this message.

At a time when our country seems polarized between Republicans and Democrats, Memorial Day provides us an opportunity to remember that our proud American flag bears the colors of both parties: Red and Blue.  Our brave men and women didn’t sacrifice solely for a single party.   They gave their lives for ALL of us.  “Greater love hath no man…than to lay down his life for his friends.”  So today and going forward, let us insure that their courage and commitment were not in vain.  Let us gratefully re-calibrate our hearts to emulate their willingness to sacrifice for our common good.  To be kind to one another.  To exercise the “expensive” right they purchased for us, to CHOOSE to sacrifice for each another.  We ARE all in this together.  Together we will stand, bitterly divided we will not.  Let us, as Americans, bravely love one another and thereby honor those who gave their all.



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Who am I? I am an individual who values the contents of people's homes for a variety of reasons. I'm called a "personal property appraiser" and certified by the International Society of Appraisers which requires educational courses, examinations, keeping up with current tax laws and every two years taking a course called the Uniform Standards of Personal Property Appraisals. Every five years, I am required to keep up my ISA certification by proving I have a minimum of 100 personal property development credits - that's course hours and actual research time spend on appraisal work. As a long time collector I have turned a hobby into a profession and for the last 22 years worked as an independent appraiser. My specialties include china, pottery, sterling silver, crystal and glassware, costume jewelry, Carnival Glass, Belleek Irish porcelain, collectibles and furniture. Why do you need an appraisal? The purpose of an appraisal may be for obtaining insurance, probate of an estate, equitable division of an estate or divorce, or a damage claim. I also give lectures on several different topics to antique clubs, provide consultations in person, by phone and through email. No my service is not free! But I will also advise you if I believe it is in your best interest to do research on your own if you just want an idea of what something is worth rather than pay for an appraisal.

One response to “Memorial Day

  1. I see you haven’t posted in a long time. Are you still in business in Dallas? I have some silver flatware I need to have appraised for my insurance policy. If you are no longer working in Dallas, would you please recommend an appraiser for my silver flatware?
    Leslie Vail

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